"They were shooting to kill:" Dozens of shots fired through home in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An unbelievable shock for a Milwaukee family, as dozens of bullets pierce through their home. Family members say they don't know why their house was shot at, and they don't know who is responsible.

Seeing the damage done to their home, you'd understand why they are thankful to be alive.

The family doesn't want to be identified -- they're afraid of retaliation.

Sunday night, December 15th, they say more than two dozen shots were fired into their house. The family living near 26th and Nash has simply lost count.

"All through the wall. They came all through the room," said the woman who rents the home.

The home they once felt safe in, is now riddled with bullet holes.

"In my room there are a total of 10. My son had 4 in his room, 3 lodged through the window. My microwave that's in the kitchen, that was shot up," said the renter.

In total, more than two dozen bullets were fired from the street and into the home. It happened Sunday night at around 8 p.m. The mother of three young children was at work during the shooting. Her cousin was home babysitting.

"Very close to hitting my 4-month-old son. He was on the couch in his car seat. The bullets flew right past my son's head," said the renter.

FOX6 News' Bret Lemoine asked if the kids were crying, or if there was any panic in the house.

"For some reason, the kids didn't do no crying. They sat still," said the renter's cousin.

Milwaukee police spent a good chunk of Monday afternoon documenting the damage. Investigators say casings were found in the street. A neighbors house was also hit.

"They hit the side of her window. Her window ledge. She has two holes lodged into the siding of her house," said the home renter.

Residents say they are left clueless as to why this happened.

"They were shooting to kill. They were shooting to kill. I don't know who they was on. Me personally? I don't think I was no target," said the home renter.

But with walls now pierced with fear.

"Man, if someone else would have been in the house they would have been dead," said home renter's cousin.

This family is ready to find a new place to feel safe.

"I'm out of here," said the renter.

Milwaukee police declined to comment on the scene. But they tell us shot spotter alerted them to the neighborhood last night.

If you have any information about this shooting, you're asked to contact police.