"They look totally real:" Milwaukee goes back in time to "Discover the Dinosaurs"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Dinosaurs came to life this weekend at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center.

Folks across southeast Wisconsin went way back in time to "Discover the Dinosaurs."

This exhibit consists of dozens of scenes depicting the time period in which they lived.

"Every inch of the exhibit is all educational," said Tracy Beasles, show manager.

And interactive through special lighting, sounds and movement -- these displays are designed to bring you back in a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

"We wanted to make it more unique than going to a museum and you just see bones, so we wanted to make it interactive where the kids can push a button and make them move," said Beasles.

Backdrops and plant materials offer the true landscape of what once was.

Antoniyo is back for the second time to take it all in. This time with his sister and cousin, the three can't keep still there's so much to see.

"I like it because they are big and life-sized and they look totally real," said Antoniyo.

The exhibit also featured a children's interactive play area where they were given the chance to ride on top of a mechanical dinosaur.