'They keep us safe:' Jen's Sweet Treats delivers 3,100 cupcakes to 1st responders on Thanksgiving

CUDAHY -- Jen Clark and her staff with Jen's Sweet Treats were hard at work on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 28 -- showing support for first responders.

Clark and her staff delivered 3,100 cupcakes to first responders in Milwaukee County working on the holiday.

It was part of the second annual "Feeding Frenzy for First Responders."

Clark said she and her staff planned to visit police officers, firefighters, EMS officials, staff at the jail, House of Correction, etc.

"They do a lot for us," said Clark. "They keep us safe. they keep our city safe so we can live our daily lives. If I can bring a smile to somebody's face with a cupcake and make their day a little bit better, I'll deliver cupcakes every day. That's my plan."


Clark is known for her generosity, hosting fundraisers for fallen police officers, fallen firefighters, K-9 officers, a DPW worker killed on the job in Milwaukee, the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight program, and even sports teams in the Cudahy area -- helping them purchase life-saving defibrillators. During these fundraisers, 100% of proceeds are donated to the cause. The most recent fundraiser took place Friday, Sept. 27, with 100% of proceeds donated to the family of Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sgt. Tracey Smith, fatally shot at 51st and Capitol Drive on Aug. 30 while off-duty, as she taught her son how to drive.

Jen's Sweet Treats was named a finalist in the "Sweetest Bakery in America" Contest. Jen's Sweet Treats ended up winning in Wisconsin in the cake/cupcake shops category.