"These gentlemen sacrificed for us:" Students at Oak Creek H.S. get history lesson from WWII vets

OAK CREEK -- Students at Oak Creek High School got a history lesson on Tuesday, December 1st from some World War II veterans.

The Wisconsin chapter of the Eighth Army Air Force Historical Society came to Oak Creek High School as part of their "Fly for Freedom" program.

The program was created four years ago to honor veterans and educate the public on war through first-hand accounts.

On Tuesday, veterans from conflicts during and after World War II were paired with college prep students to talk about their experiences.

"I think it's more of what we give back. These gentlemen sacrificed for us. So to hear their stories, to listen to their experiences, to gain a perspective of what they went through is truly the greatest thing we can possibly do. To learn to understand what they actually had to endure," Craig Thome, AP U.S. History teacher at Oak Creek High School said.

Some of the veterans that took part are in their mid-90s.

The Eighth Air Force Historical Society was founded 22 years ago to reunite veterans of all military backgrounds and to educate future generations.

World War II veterans speak to students at Oak Creek High School

World War II veterans speak to students at Oak Creek High School