"There's no excuse:" Suspects in string of garbage fires across Milwaukee arrested

RIVERWEST -- There have been more than two dozen garbage fires set in the Milwaukee area over the last several weeks. Now, there may be a break in the case; police arrested two men on the city's north side.

Residents in Riverwest are feeling safer Thursday, after learning Milwaukee police have arrested two people in connection with at least two garbage fires earlier this week.

Now, MPD is working to determine whether the suspects are tied to dozens of other fires across the city.

On August 9th, emergency crews responded to as many as 20 fires in the alleys behind Booth and Wright Streets. Valerice Wilson's property was spared, but she witnessed the damage left behind.

"I was driving through the alley and I seen a garbage container that was burnt down to the ground," said Wilson.

Two months earlier, on June 9th, eight garbage fires were reported on the city's south side between three and five in the morning. In several instances, the flames spread to nearby structures, including a food pantry at 10th and Lapham.

"They're going to end up hurting someone," said Lemonn White, whose sister lives near the area of the most recent garage fire.

Lemonn White

Lemonn White's sister lives just down the street from the most recent garbage fire that occurred overnight at 20th and Capitol -- where the suspects were caught. He applauds officers for doing their part. Now, White is urging his neighbors to do a better job of looking out for each other.

"There's no excuse and no reason why this should be going on," said White.

An MPD spokesman told FOX6 News the two suspects arrested are not responsible for the fire near the watermelon stand because they were in custody before that fire occurred.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in any of these fires. The names and ages of the suspects have not yet been released.