"There's clever visual puns:" A popular Easter candy is turned into art at the Racine Art Museum

RACINE -- Rather than satisfying your sweet tooth, the PEEPS at the Racine Art Museum are for admiring -- not eating.

"There's clever visual puns. There's lots of interesting subject matter, and it gives you an idea of what everyone is thinking about and talking about," said Racine Art Museum Executive Director Bruce Pepich.

The International PEEPS Art Exhibition is now open, featuring 123 artists.

"They can be cut, assembled, re-assembled, glued in, stapled on, melted," said Pepich.

Artwork in the exhibit either has to be portraying a PEEP or it must incorporate the use of PEEPS within the piece.

Imaginations ran wild this year. Displays feature Donald Trump - Man of the PEEPle, The Incredible Peep and more.

Self proclaimed PEEP Queen, Lisa Englander, came up with the idea of the PEEPS exhibit seven years ago after walking into a local pharmacy on a cold winter day.

"It was ablaze with red and yellow and pink and all these bright PEEPS colors and I thought 'this makes me happy and it will make everyone else happy as well,'" said Englander.

Multiple awards have been given out, but the most coveted prize is the PEEPles Choice.

"It's very, very important to them that their vote be for the one thing that they have faith in and it goes in the ballot box and we count it," said Pepich.

No matter which one is your favorite, just about all of them will make you smile.

The International PEEPS Art Exhibition is open through April 3rd at the Racine Art Museum, but the museum is closed on Easter Sunday.