"There is some good out there:" 7-year-old starts food donation for homeless

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Church of The Living God will be feeding nearly 100 homeless people on Saturday, December 20th. And it's all thanks efforts of one extremely caring 7-year-old named Kaleb.

Kaleb's mother, Traci, tells FOX6 News the family was driving by the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and saw people standing in line. 7-year-old Kaleb asked his mother why, and she said they were waiting for food.

Traci then said Kaleb hoped everyone had a chance to eat, and asked if he and his cousin could make food for them before Christmas.

"There is some good out there, and not everyone is bad, and there is some good and it comes from a 7-year-old, and I hope people take heed -- and thanks to my church family for allowing us to do this to others," said Traci Whitley, Kaleb's mom.

Organizers say they made 150 bagged lunches but so many people showed up, they ran out of food!

The church said the event was so successful, they hope to do it at least twice a year. And they said it all started with 7-year-old Kaleb.