'There are no words:' Marine, home for the holidays, surprises family at Mayfair Mall

WAUWATOSA -- Christmas came early for a West Bend family. When four children asked Santa to bring their older brother home from the military, their parents knew it was a tall order, but Santa said he'd make it happen -- and he did.

While waiting in line at Mayfair Mall to get photos taken with Santa, Amy Campos was anxious about what her kids would ask Santa for.

"It was the first thing on everyone's list," said Campos.

All they wanted was for their oldest brother, Tyler, a Marine, to be with them this holiday season. Younger brother Gauge held a photo of the big brother he missed.

"Me and him spending time together. I wanted my brother to come home," said Gauge Campos.

When it came time to take that photo with Santa, he didn't disappoint. From behind a red curtain emerged Tyler -- a Christmas miracle for the Campos family.

"You guys miss me?" asked Tyler.

A new holiday photo was taken -- including the entire family.

"There are no words," said Amy Campos. "I turned to Talia and I said, 'see, Santa really does listen to what you want for Christmas.'"

The Campos family would be whole this Christmas, thanks to the big man in red.

"At a loss for words. It's no greater feeling than to be home with my family for the holidays this year," said Tyler Campos.

The Campos family wanted to thank Mayfair Mall officials and everyone else who had a hand in making this happen. They said they planned to spend every moment with Tyler before he would be deployed once again in the New Year.