"The video is invaluable:" Posted to YouTube, video shows drag racing on I-43; police now investigating

NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- It is illegal, and extremely dangerous! Home video shows drag racing on I-43, and that video ended up on YouTube. Now, police are looking for the individuals who took part.

As fast as it was posted, home video showing vehicles racing on I-43 was taken off the internet.

The video shows two very expensive-looking vehicles drag racing on the interstate. The two-minute video has been removed from YouTube -- but as we're so often reminded, what's posted to the internet isn't ever really gone.

"Once it's posted online like that, it's always there in some form or shape," Tony Fus with the New Berlin Police Department said.

The New Berlin Police Department has a copy of the video, and they're considering it evidence -- saying several laws were broken.

"You're looking anywhere from an ordinance violation -- which is dealt with a forfeiture all the way up to a potential felony which could be time behind bars," Fus said.

The video gives investigators a lot of evidence.

First, it shows exactly where the drag racing took place. The video shows what is likely Beechwood Distributors, just south of the Moorland Road exit.

The video also has close-up shots of each vehicle involved.

"That video is invaluable in an investigation like this. It is a lot better than eye-witness testimony because eye-witness testimony from time to time can be flawed or there are different perceptions. You watch the video and it is pretty straightforward what you are seeing," Fus said.

Police say those who took part in this drag racing likely revealed too much in the video.

If you have information as to who may have been involved, you're asked to contact New Berlin police. Police are working with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department.