"The Rep" theater hosts annual garage sale

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Repertory Theater held its annual end-of-season garage sale on Saturday, April 14th. Clothing, light fixtures and furniture were on sale, so The Rep could make room for the season's next set of props and costumes.

"We keep building stuff, so every year we have to get rid of it," Erik Lundquist, who has been designing props at The Rep for the last 12 years said.

One of the hot items available for sale was the blocking sled used in the play "Lombardi." It was made by Lundquist and sold for $200. It was heavy enough that the man who played Vince Lombardi was able to stand on the back of it while linemen pushed him on stage.

"We've had times when faces have been pressed against the glass door. It's like Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving. It's unique stuff. It's stuff people don't normally see every day, and a lot of people that buy this stuff are subscribers to the theater," Lundquist said.

One customer at Saturday's sale was Susan Esslinger who bought furniture from the play, "Yes, No, Maybe So." "It is beautifully made and I know that not only was it created here, but the workmanship on the seat is impeccable," Esslinger said.

David Allen was looking for that one-of-a-kind centerpiece for his bar in East Troy. "We're kind of developing the theme for the backstage, and so this kind of fit that theater theme. That's why I came down here," Allen said.

All of the money raised at the garage sale will go back into the theater's general fund.

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