The first face of WITI (1-10-12)

Ted discusses the first face of WITI. Stu Armstrong was the first person who ever appeared on WITI FOX6, and we've learned he passed away last month at the age of 88.

Ted had the great honor of talking with Stu in 2006 when WITI was celebrating its 50th anniversary.

May 21st, 1956, Wisconsin Independent Television Incorporated (WITI) went on the air, and the first face viewers saw was that of Armstrong, a former football standout from Wauwatosa. Armstrong flew combat missions in the South Pacific during World War II, so he was hardly daunted by live TV.

When Ted asked Armstrong what that first day was like, he said simply "I said 'Hello,' and went right into the news. There wasn't a lot of fanfare.'"

There's a memorial for Stu Armstrong Wednesday, January 11th at the Harwood Place Retirement Community.