"The cars have never been better:" Milwaukee Auto Show rolls into downtown

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Auto Show rolled into town this weekend. The nine-day event kicked off Saturday morning, February 20th at the Wisconsin Center downtown.

All of the newest vehicles from more than 30 manufacturers are on display and ready to be checked out. Some of them you are able to test drive!


If you're in the market for a new vehicle, several of the automakers are offering special "auto show" sales.

"The star of the show obviously are the cars. You'll see lots of crossover vehicles, which are small cars that are SUVs built on car frames. They get excellent gas mileage. You'll see a lot more pickup trucks than you've seen in a long time -- cars with unbelievable safety features. The cars have never been better. They've never been safer, they've never had as little maintenance required as they do today," said Automotive Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee (ADAMM) President, Jim Tolkan.

The Milwaukee Auto Show runs through Sunday, February 28th.

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