'The car is floating:' Rising water on roadways creates need for rescues in Ozaukee County

Water rescue in Ozaukee County

OZAUKEE COUNTY -- Emergency responders have been conducting water rescues in Ozaukee County on Friday, March 15.

Water was pouring out of a car in Saukville -- as first responders rescued a woman who drove into high water.

"I was here and she was about a quarter mile down the road. But I could see her cause the road 'S' curves. You could see the car just starting to rotate," said Paul Krauska of Eddie's Service.

Water rescue in Ozaukee County

Krauska's towing company and the fire department rescued the woman and the car -- despite the signs that tried to stop her.

"If she would have got out of her car, 'cause the car is floating, she would have been over her head," Krauska said.

That woman was not the only person getting rescued. On Pioneer Road near the Milwaukee River, two adults and a few dogs were taken away safely -- after the water surrounded their home.

Ozaukee County Emergency management said an ice jam at the bridge up the way pushed water to placed it would not normally go.

Water rescue in Ozaukee County

Ice jams were also causing a mess at Newburg Fireman's Park.

High water in Ozaukee County

Richard Marks had to walk a little farther for his mail. His road was blocked. Cars like his were lining up to stay out of the muddy mess.

"This came up very fast. I'm not sure why, but it came up very fast and I don't know how much higher it's going to come," Marks said.

As far as the flooding on Pioneer Road, emergency crews said there are not any evacuations in place. People are just choosing to evacuate the area.