The Beak Freak, Yeli the top vote getters in We Energies' peregrine falcon naming contest

MILWAUKEE -- As he has done all season against his tall opponents, Giannis Antetokounmpo outshined everyone in a vote to name tiny birds. The Beak Freak, named in honor of Giannis, was the top vote-getter in the We Energies peregrine falcon chick naming contest, according to a news release Tuesday, May 21.

Giannis’ baseball all-star counterpart Christian Yelich was the top vote-getter among Brewers players with the nickname, Yeli.

Fans had the opportunity to vote for their favorite from a list of 20 past and current Bucks and Brewers players -- with the top vote getters used to name the five peregrine falcon chicks that hatched this spring at We Energies' power plants.

The Brew Crew nicknames will be used for the two chicks hatched at the Valley Power Plant, near Miller Park, while the Bucks names will be used for the three chicks hatched at the Oak Creek plant.

The falcon chicks will formally receive their names and have their tracking bands put on during events on Friday, May 24.

Valley Power Plant
•    Yeli – In honor of Christian Yelich
•    Rockin' Robin – In honor of Robin Yount

Oak Creek Power Plant
•    The Beak Freak – In honor of Giannis Antetokounmpo
•    Sky Hook – In honor of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
•    Ray Ray – In honor of Ray Allen