The apps that will help you get fit in 2019

We think of our phones as communication tools, but they also make great fitness tools, too! Here are some apps that can help you get fit in the new year!

The new year means lots of folks are heading back into the gym, but you can also get some great results with your phone.

Here’s a look at the apps that can help you get fit and stay on track in the new year.

Carrot Fit 

This is not your typical fitness app! Carrot Fit uses artificial intelligence and whatever it takes to get you fit.

“The whole thing is built around this snarky character named Carrot and she rewards you for getting stuff done and punishes you for failing to get stuff done,” says Brian Mueller, the founder of Carrot Fit. Mueller started a to-do list app and noticed people liked the motivation.

“So I found that the whole approach was very effective to helping people stay healthy and motivating them to keep going with their plan.”

Carrot fit has a 7-minute workout which puts you in various unusual workout sessions.

The app is $4 on iPhone.

Charity Miles

Get charity driven with charity miles, where your movements are translated into help for others!

Choose from top charities including Alzheimer’s Association, Feeding America or the ASPCA and at the end of your workout, the app says how much you raised for the charity of your choice.

Your sweat is sponsored by companies happy to help out you’ll see their name at the end of your workout.

Fit Radio

Need some tunes to get you through your workout?

Sure, you can fire up Spotify or a host of other streaming options, but Fit Radio is made specifically for working out.

The app features tons of club-like mixes where the songs transition into each other. You can search by genre, the type of exercise you’re doing or have the beat of the music match how fast you’re running.