Thanks and giving: Volunteers prepare meals for those along on the holiday

ST. FRANCIS -- Hundreds of volunteers gathered in St. Francis on Thanksgiving Day to prepare thousands of meals for those who find themselves alone this holiday. The cooking began at 5 a.m.

"We have 1,600 pounds of mashed potatoes, 1,200 pounds of vegetables, over a thousand pounds of turkey," said Colleen West of Community Projects for Seniors.

Community Projects for Seniors was founded nearly 30 years ago to provide Thanksgiving meals to low-income seniors -- and to ensure they were not alone during the holiday.

"Just coming to their door and delivering a meal makes their day. It made my day," said Carol Huber, a volunteer.

Assembly lines of volunteers packed and prepared the meals before they were loaded up.

"One volunteer pulls into our parking lot every one minute -- and then they go off onto their destination," said West.

Those destinations are all over the Greater Milwaukee area.

"We serve 200 low-income subsidized apartment buildings in 50 cities in eight counties," said West.

All of this work is done to see smiles on the faces of those receiving a meal -- and knowing they made a difference.

"It's nice to have a warm traditional meal on any holiday, but also that people remember," said Rod Delaney, who received one of the meals.

Community Projects for Seniors also provides Christmas and Easter meals to low-income seniors. They rely 100% on donations to make this happen. CLICK HERE to make a donation.