Texas man with terminal cancer seeks homes for his 11 rescue dogs

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas - After doctors told a Texas man he had only weeks to live, he set to work finding homes for his rescue dogs, according to KSAT.

When Richard Ewers found out he had cancer last year, he was taking care of 27 dogs that had either been abandoned or were strays.

According to KSAT, Ewers recently entered hospice but still has 11 dogs in his care. Volunteers have been helping him take care of the dogs since his diagnosis.

Volunteers told KSAT the dogs are already stressed and saddened that Ewers is not with them, and they worry what will happen if the dogs are not adopted.

Facebook posts featuring the dogs in need of forever homes have been shared, and all dogs have been spayed or neutered already.

Volunteers said the main thing people will need, should they choose to love one of these dogs, is patience. They have gone through a lot of change already.