Terry Van Akkeren sworn in as Sheboygan's mayor

SHEBOYGAN (AP) -- The man who won a recall election for mayor of Sheboygan was sworn in Monday night.

Terry Van Akkeren will serve the remainder of Bob Ryan's term, which ends in April of next year. Van Akkeren is a former Sheboygan alderman, and was sworn in as the first candidate to win a Sheboygan mayoral recall election.

Just before being sworn in, he took time to thank supporters for their efforts. While he won the office, 46 percent of voters didn't cast ballots for him, and he's hoping to gain their support. "I think the first thing that needs to be talked about is unity, and to change the city's image," Van Akkeren said.

Former Mayor Bob Ryan moved out of his office last week. City Clerk, Susan Richards called it an emotional time. Some officials who worked with Ryan during his nearly three years as mayor say he has done some good things for the city, including attracting new business and industry to the community. Sheboygan County Board chairman Mike Vandersteen says Ryan's accomplishments were unfortunately overshadowed by the negative attention of his public battle with alcoholism.

Ryan said after the recall election results were announced that he would not run for mayor of Sheboygan again. FOX6 News asked several city leaders what Ryan's next step might be. Because of his skills as mayor in business development, many expect he will work with a local business in the private sector.