Tennessee roofing company surprises new dog owner by paying adoption fee

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- A roofing company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, teamed up with a local animal center to surprise a new pet owner by covering for the dog’s adoption fee.

Video from July 16 shows a woman named Sarah waiting to pick up her dog, Bragi, from McKamey Animal Center as staff at the shelter let her in on the surprise.

In the video, an employee tells Sarah that Top This Construction company recently became a new sponsor for the animal center. The roofing company said it wanted to pay the adoption fee for dogs that have been at the shelter for a while or have special needs, and Bragi was first on the list.

The pre-paid adoption fee was kept a surprise so that potential owners would adopt on their own rather than for the monetary incentive, an employee said in the video.

“Staff and volunteers came running when they heard over the PA that Bragi was going home,” the animal center said on Facebook.