Teens rally for passage of Milwaukee Jobs Act

MILWAUKEE -- Nearly two dozen Milwaukee organizations are calling for an overhaul of city policies, all in the name of job creation. The community-based organizations filled Milwaukee's City Hall to urge lawmakers to pass the Milwaukee Jobs Act.

The community-created proposal has several elements, including one to extend a summer teen employment program the entire year. Unemployed teenager, Darius Scott, hopes city leaders take up the proposal. "I really don't care, as long as it's a job. I'll do whatever," Scott said.

Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines says while the community groups have been working on the proposal for seven months, aldermen have had less than two months. "This council had a draft of ideas what we wanted to do. The community had a draft of ideas of what they wanted. We're trying to mesh that together," Hines said.

Alderman Hines tells FOX6 News it will take time to sort out the various proposals, and figure out what's actually doable. Either way he says a final act is on its way.