Teen sells rides in his Tesla: A shuttle service that’s like a mix of Uber and flying

MILWAUKEE -- A shuttle service that’s like a mix of Uber and flying. How one teenager is using his Tesla in a unique way.

When you think about Tesla, you rarely think about a 16 year old. But, when Haydn Sonnad told his dad that he wanted the car, they came up with a way to afford it. Launch a startup company.

Tesloop was born with the idea that people could book a seat in the car for a flat rate. Now, Tesloop transports passengers between Los Angeles and Las Vegas for around $85 each way. The catch; fuel is free. Tesla Superchargers along the route provide free fuel, or energy, for the electric car. A company pilot drives while you and your friends enjoy the scenic route. Right now there are only three open seats on every ride because the driver is from the company. However, Tesloop plans to let riders pilot the car and their seat would be free.