Tech company to bring 300 jobs to Milwaukee area, looking for people 'willing to learn'

MILWAUKEE -- Tech company GalaxE.Solutions is committed to bringing 300 jobs in the information technology sector to the Milwaukee area.

Sandipan Gangopadhyay

"We are doing this because it makes business sense," said Sandipan Gangopadhyay, president of GalaxE.Solutions. "We have developed specific expertise, playbooks, staff and automation that serves this approach."

Positions that would traditionally be outsourced overseas, Gangopadhyay said, can flourish here. The reason: Locals have the right mindset to do IT work.

"We believe that's what is going to make us successful, that's the key ingredient," Gangopadhyay said. "It doesn't need to be people with a specific kind of skillset...if somebody is willing to learn the ropes, both in terms of business and technology, those are the critical factors."

Northwestern Mutual

GalaxE.Solutions says that, as long as you're competent and eager to learn, they can train you. That's good, because the company already has interested clients.

Neal Sample

"We found that GalaxE.Solutions is a good partner because they've got the ability to bring that capacity for those types of workers into the market," said Neal Sample, Northwestern Mutual EVP chief information officer.

Northwestern Mutual said it has agreed to hire the first 50 specialists. Their start date: as soon as possible.

"We do everything from operating our own data centers, to building applications, to do testing, and doing client research," Sample said. "We look at this as a pretty broad opportunity for technology.'

Hiring is already underway. To check it out for yourself, CLICK HERE for more information.