Teachers union director accused of sexting with detective posing as 14-year-old boy

NEW YORK — A United Federation of Teachers director has been charged with attempting to coerce a minor into sex as part of a sting operation, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court Friday.

According to a statement by Detective Damon Gergar, who was involved in the sting, 41-year-old Jason Seto contacted him via a dating app Gergar said people “primarily use to meet up to have sexual contact.” Gergar claims Seto sent him a picture that included Seto's face as well as a photo of his genitals.

Gergar said within 15 minutes of talking to Seto, he told him he was 14 years old. According to Gergar, Seto responded “cool” and kept talking to him, asking Gergar if he liked older men and claiming Seto was his “daddy” and Gergar his “son.”