Tampered pumps, stolen diesel: Horicon police need your help to identify semi driver

HORICON -- The Horicon Police Department is investigating a theft of gas from Kwik Trip that happened on Thursday, March 17th.

Officials say it was reported that one of Kwik Trip diesel pumps has been tampered with on March 11th. The store was not aware of the incident, until Simmons Corporations Company, which monitors its pumps sent an email in reference to an error code that they received from the pump. The company sent out a service tech and determined it was tampered with.

It was learned that on March 11th, between the hours of 7:05-7:35 p.m. there was an unrecorded removal of 309 gallons from the diesel tank. During that same time frame, there was a recorded sale of 119.04 gallons from the diesel tank. The pump was tampered by having the outside cover removed and a pin was removed from the pulser inside that monitors the amount of gallons being pumped out.

Officials shared photos of the unidentified driver (above) and semi trailer (below) that may be tied to this case. Officials also noted the driver had a thick Middle Eastern accent.

If you have information about this case, you're urged to call 920-485-3555.