Taking the easy ride: Wisconsin couple taking horse and buggy trip to Lambeau Field

(CNN) -- Thousands will make their way to Lambeau Field Sunday, September 14th as the Green Bay Packers take on the New York Jets in their home opener - but one local couple has turned it into a week-long journey. It is normally just a three-hour drive from their home in Tomah to Lambeau Field -- but this trip involves a little less horsepower.

There are many ways to get to Lambeau, but Bob and Maren Retzlaff's might be the most unique.

The couple is making their way from Tomah to Green Bay -- 170 miles in seven days, and they're doing it all on the heels of their horse, Rich.

"This guy sure does enjoy the journey every day," Bob Retzlaff said.

They galloped through country highways -- averaging five miles-per-hour -- stopping to wave and pose for pictures.

"Never started it off to get any attention, that's for sure. Started it off just to enjoy and relax the trip up. My wife decided she wanted it painted green and gold, and boy has that gotten some attention," Bob Retzlaff said.

While the wind can be cold, it's nothing these fans can't handle.

"Beautiful weather for traveling. Football weather. Nobody's told me I'm crazy. They just say they wish they would have thought of it themselves. Gotta to sit back and relax and enjoy life," Bob Retzlaff said.

The couple says the trip gives them the opportunity to slow down and appreciate life at a different pace.

"You watch all these cars go zooming by, and you go 'my gosh, where are they in a hurry to get to?' This is just so enjoyable. You can relax and let the world spin by ya," BOb Retzlaff said.

The couple expected to reach Lambeau Field early Sunday.

They have a truck and trailer lined up for the ride home.