Tainted Halloween candy; parents urged to take precautions

It's a trick that is even too scary for Halloween. Police are investigating reports of a nail in Halloween candy. 

Investigators say the nail found in the Tootsie Roll was about three inches long. Police said a boy found it Sunday at Mayville's annual trick-or-treating event. 

"I was talking to dad this morning, and he said the kids don’t want to eat their candy and they’re like how could people do this," said Det. Scott Petrack of the Mayville Police Department. 

Warnings about tampering with Halloween treats are not new.

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FOX6 News wanted to know how often this kind of thing happens. But there is not a lot of research. In fact, the FDA says it does not have any specific reports of tampered candy killing children or seriously hurting them. That is why doctors say context is important. 

"There's more hype than reality, but I do think it's a good reminder of caution," said Dr. Eric Miller, Legacy Medical Clinic Founder. "Look at the wrappers carefully…Make sure there’s no cuts or pinholes."

Dr. Eric Miller

Police say when in doubt, throw away anything that looks suspicious. 

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Mayville police say they do not have any suspects in connection with the nail in the Tootsie Roll.