Sweet Water Organics out of business, leaves loans unpaid

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It was considered an investment in bringing jobs and healthy food to Milwaukee. But Sweet Water Organics is now out of business -- and most of the city's loan remains unpaid.

Sweet Water Organics was based in the city's Bay View neighborhood. When it got its start, owners secured a $250,000 load from the city. Now that it's shuttered, more than $137,000 is still owed on that loan.

"There are lots of people, lots of organizations, lots of individuals, who are moving urban agriculture forward so there are many successes, along with this, many would call a failure, and it's part of a new industry," said Jesse Blom of the Sweet Water Foundation.

A Common Council Committee will discuss on Monday, May 13th what to do about the money still owed from the Sweet Water loan. The recommendation is to sell off the business equipment, including a tractor and outdoor aquaponics system.

Late on Friday, May 10th, James Godsil, the co-founder of Sweet Water Organics issued a statement. It reads, "Sweet Water Organics played an important part in the national and global awakening to aquaponics as an adaptation for experiments address food insecurity, global warming and urban community development."