Swabbing for DNA, and collecting bloodied items: What did police uncover at Innovative Optique?

FOX POINT (WITI) -- More details uncovered on an attempted robbery that turned deadly in Fox Point. On August 14th, at least three people were involved in a hold-up at Innovative Optique on Brown Deer Road.

A store employee ended up shooting and killing one of them. Now a search warrant shows what investigators were looking for.

It was just after noon on Thursday, August 14th when calls came in about a possible shooting at Innovative Optique. Police responded and found one person dead in the store. Later we would learn more about what police believed happened.

Tedric Sanders is accused of trying to rob Innovative Optique with at least two others. They were armed, but so was the store owner's brother.

Shots were exchanged and suspected robber, 22-year-old Joshua Drake was killed. But it's alleged accomplice, Tedric Sanders, who is now charged with the death -- Wisconsin law allows the accomplice to be charged in a case like this.

FOX6 News is now discovering what investigators were looking for when they filed this search warrant.

A suspected getaway car was located matching witness accounts. A silver Dodge Charger was picked up on Milwaukee's North side and police wanted a look inside.

Police also wanted to look at video surveillance from inside Innovative Optique. As well as search for firearm casings and bullets. Collecting DNA has also been a focus of investigators.

Documents show, nearly every inch of the confiscated Dodge Charger was swabbed for DNA.

Finally, FOX6 News uncovered specific pieces of evidence collected including bloody pajama bottoms, and a bloody hooded sweatshirt.

Items and evidence we may see again as Sanders makes his way through the justice system.

In the course of this investigation, FOX6 News has learned Tedric Sanders was already accused of stealing from a different optical store in Wauwatosa back in April. Sanders was out on bond when he was accused of attempting to rob the store in Fox Point.