Sussex man cited in fight at Apartment 720 involving Larry Sanders

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police have confirmed a 26-year-old Sussex man has been cited in connection with an incident that occurred at Apartment 720 in downtown Milwaukee, involving Bucks player, Larry Sanders.

The Sussex man has been cited for disorderly conduct for his alleged role in a fight at the club, according to police.

The brawl at the club on Sunday, November 3rd left Sanders with a broken thumb.

Sanders is accused of hitting a man in the head with a champagne bottle and claims he was protecting himself. Others say Sanders started the fight.

Surveillance video captured the chaotic scene. The video shows Sanders swung a bottle, threw others and had someone jump on his back.

The men listed in the police report as victims in the incident report are brothers. They told police around 1:30 a.m. that night, one of them began pouring champagne for other members in his party when Sanders became upset for no reason and flipped them the middle finger.

The brothers say Sanders then confronted the group, grabbed a champagne bottle, swung it around and hit one of them in the face. The impact of the bottle, they say, caused a four-inch laceration that required eight stitches.

Sanders, however, has a very different version of the story.

Sanders claims he felt champagne from the VIP area spill on him while standing near the DJ booth. When he went to address the group, Sanders says a man pushed him while others in the party began punching and kicking him.

Sanders claims that’s when he picked up a bottle from the table to defend himself.

Milwaukee police have since issued Sanders citations for disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

On December 5th, Sanders responded to the incident on Instagram saying, in part, “I take full responsibility for my actions,” and adding, “people are hypnotized by the media to feel and base certain judgement toward certain groups of people and they don’t even know it.”