Suspected drunken rider arrested after horse tramples young boy at fair

COLUSA, Calif. – After a horse bucked his rider and trampled a boy during a California parade Friday, police arrested the man who was thrown to the ground for DUI.

Around 7:30 p.m., Armando Martinez Ruiz was thrown from his horse during the Colusa County Fair Parade.

The Colusa Police Department reports an 8-year-old boy was trampled by the horse as it ran away.

The boy suffered a broken leg when the horse plowed through a group of spectators lining the parade route.

Officers later found the horse and arrested Ruiz on a count of felony DUI.

"In California, the same laws apply when riding horses as driving cars," The Colusa Police Dept. said in a post on Facebook.

The boy is recovering from his injuries, police said.