Suspect in Karen Bradley's murder remains at large, but he now faces charges

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) -- He's still at large, but 42-year-old Anthony Bradley is facing charges in the shooting death of Karen Bradley.

Anthony Bradley

Karen Bradley was found shot and killed near 78th and Bender last Friday, December 5th.

Anthony Bradley faces four charges in the case:

    Police were dispatched to 78th and Bender shortly before 2:00 a.m. last Friday, December 5th.

    There, they located Karen Bradley, laying outside her apartment's door suffering from a gunshot wound to the left side of her head. Police found a spent bullet casing near Karen Bradley's body.

    Members of the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived at the scene and Karen Bradley was pronounced dead.

    Karen Bradley

    An autopsy revealed Karen Bradley died as a result of a single gunshot wound to her left temple. A bullet was recovered by Medical Examiner's performing the autopsy. The Medical Examiner's Office ruled Karen Bradley's death a homicide.

    A criminal complaint filed against Anthony Bradley says police spoke with Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter, who was an eyewitness to the shooting. Her 11-year-old sister was also present at the time of the shooting. The complaint says Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter identified the shooter as Anthony Bradley, her stepfather.

    The complaint says Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter told police her mother married Anthony Bradley in August 2013. The family moved into the apartment at 78th and Bender five to six months later.

    Karen Bradley's daughter told police that Anthony Bradley sells crack cocaine, according to the complaint. She told police he owned a revolver until about three days before the shooting death of Karen Bradley, when he sold the revolver and purchased a silver and black semi-automatic pistol. That was the firearm used in the shooting of Karen Bradley, according to the complaint.

    The complaint says Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter told police that on Wednesday, December 3rd, Karen Bradley arrived home from work, and she and Anthony Bradley got into an argument concerning a dispute involving a neighbor.

    The complaint says Anthony Bradley then left the apartment to "sell some drugs," according to Karen Bradley's daughter.

    Later, Karen Bradley's daughter says Anthony Bradley called Karen, telling her to get her clothes and gather as many of the family's belongings as she could -- saying that he had been pulled over by police. The complaint indicates Anthony Bradley told Karen police told him someone had been involved in a shooting, and that his truck matched the description of the vehicle involved. Police asked to search Anthony Bradley's truck, and then asked to search his person. Anthony Bradley had his gun on him, so he sped away from the police, according to the complaint.

    Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter told police that because of the incident involving Anthony Bradley and the police, the family began moving into a home on N. 9th Street and Chambers, according to the complaint.

    The complaint says the next day, December 4th, Karen Bradley's daughter told police Karen Bradley got into an argument with Anthony Bradley's aunt, who resides in the lower unit at 9th and Chambers. Shortly thereafter, Anthony Bradley took the girls and Karen Bradley and drove back to the apartment at 78th and Bender.

    Karen Bradley's daughter told police Anthony Bradley was upset as he drove the girls back to the 78th and Bender apartment -- telling police her stepfather was driving fast and swerving. The complaint says Karen Bradley asked Anthony Bradley to pull over and let the girls out of the car, but he wouldn't stop the car -- arguing with Karen Bradley as he continued to drive erratically.

    The argument continued back at the apartment at 78th and Bradley, and the argument became physical, according to the complaint. The complaint says Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter observed her mother trying to call police, but she says Anthony Bradley took the phone from Karen's hands -- saying "call the police and watch what I do."

    Karen Bradley's daughter told police Anthony Bradley became more and more upset, and at one point had one of his hands on Karen Bradley's throat, and her back pressed against the wall.

    The complaint says Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter went into her room, and shortly thereafter, Anthony Bradley came into her room with a cut on his face -- saying Karen Bradley had cut him, and asking the girls how they would like it if he cut their mother.

    Karen and Anthony Bradley began to argue again, according to the complaint, with Anthony Bradley choking her and pushing her back against a wall.

    Then, the complaint indicates Karen Bradley told the girls to get their stuff because she was going to call a cab so they could leave. By this point, Anthony Bradley had armed himself with a gun -- sitting in front of the door, saying no one would be leaving the house.

    The complaint indicates Anthony Bradley was threatening to kill Karen Bradley and the girls.

    Eventually, Karen Bradley and the girls exited the front door of the apartment. That's when Karen Bradley's 16-year-old daughter told police she heard the sound of a gun being racked, and when she turned back, she saw that Anthony Bradley had placed the gun to her mother's head -- shooting her.

    The girls ran out of the apartment, and they were able to flag down a police officer to report the shooting of their mother.

    The complaint indicates a neighbor saw a male subject matching Anthony Bradley's description fleeing the scene.

    "Domestic violence homicide is the ultimate form of domestic violence. It is a familiar pattern for us to hear from clients that they have repeatedly made attempts to get out and have struggled. She was doing all she could to save her own life and as a community I feel we have failed. We have to continue to open doors for people to walk through," Carmen Pitre, the executive director of the Sojourner Family Peace Center said.

    The Sojourner Family Peace Center, a domestic violence victim advocacy agency has been working with Karen Bradley's family.

    Anthony Bradley is a convicted felon, and thus, was prohibited from possessing any firearm, according to the complaint. He was convicted in May 2014 of possession with intent to deliver cocaine in a case filed in 2013. He was on probation at the time of the shooting of Karen Bradley.

    The complaint indicates Anthony Bradley has multiple prior felony convictions, seven to be exact.

    Anthony Bradley remains at large. The firearm used to kill Karen Bradley hasn't been located.


    This case has again brought attention to the issue of domestic violence.

    In April 2014, Governor Scott Walker signed into law three bills that offer new protections for victims of domestic abuse.

    The first puts in place a monitoring procedure to force abusers under injunctions to surrender their firearms.

    The second puts “stalking” in the definition of domestic abuse.

    The third creates better linkages between law enforcement and victim services providers — which will help officers give victims needed resource information.

    Milwaukee’s Sojourner Family Peace Center helps thousands victims of domestic abuse every year.

    The Sojourner Family Peace Center is the largest non-profit provider of domestic violence prevention and intervention services in Wisconsin.

    Sojourner provides an array of support aimed at helping families affected by domestic violence to achieve safety, justice and well-being.

    On its website, the Sojourner Family Peace Center says its primary goals are to ensure the safety of victims of family violence, and provide a pathway out of violence for victims and abusers through opportunities to make positive and lasting changes for themselves and their children.

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