'Survival story:' Lifetime teams up with Elizabeth Smart for 'Smart Justice: The Jayme Closs Case'

BARRON -- Lifetime has teamed up with missing person's advocate Elizabeth Smart for "Smart Justice: The Jayme Closs Case," set to premiere on April 27.

According to a press release, the 90-minute special, premiering April 27 at 7 p.m. CT will feature Smart's exclusive interviews with key players in the Closs case. She will also bring together six other well-known victims of abduction for a roundtable discussion to help tell Closs story.

The press release from A&E Networks says the special has been greenlit by Lifetime.

Below is a description of the special from the release:

"This is the incredible survival story that riveted the nation. 13-year-old Jayme Closs, kidnapped from her home in Wisconsin, after watching her mother and father murdered before her eyes. After 88 days in captivity, which began in October 2018, Jayme managed to break free, run for help, and was ultimately rescued. The special is hosted by famed survivor Elizabeth Smart, who was held captive for nine months at the age of 14 until rescued by authorities. Now an activist and advocate for missing persons, Smart leads a roundtable of women who know Jayme’s nightmare all too well, including, Gina DeJesus, Katie Beers, Kara Robinson Chamberlin, Alicia Kozakiewicz, Denise Huskins and Sarah Maynard. These women are all survivors of their own infamous abductions, assaults and attacks and for the first time, are coming together with Elizabeth to help provide valuable insight to Jayme’s story. In addition, Elizabeth travels to Wisconsin to personally uncover new details and speaks with those closest to her and those vital in the rescue. Produced by Telepictures, Smart Justice is executive produced by Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, Jeremy Spiegel and Scott Eldridge. Mioshi Hill and Gena McCarthy executive produce for Lifetime."

Jake Patterson pleaded guilty March 27 to kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs and killing her parents, in a move that spared the girl held captive in a remote cabin for three months from the possible trauma of having to testify at his trial. Multiple reporters sitting in the gallery told FOX6 News Patterson said, "Bye, Jayme" as he was escorted out after the hearing.

JPatterson, 21, sniffled and his voice caught as he pleaded guilty to two counts of intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped a count of armed burglary. Patterson faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced May 24; Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.