Survey shows 17% of students are victims of cyber-bullying

MILWAUKEE -- A new study by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction shows 17 percent of high school students are victims of cyber-bullying.

This was the first time the survey asked students about cyber-bullying and questions about fighting, carrying weapons and school safety. "Bullying should not be a regular part of the school experience. We must work to change this. The bullying prevention work we've done at the elementary and middle school levels shows we can create a safer and more respectful school environment," Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers said.

About 3,000 Wisconsin high school students took part in the survey. 39 percent of students admit to drinking alcohol, and 24 percent admit to binge drinking.

Researchers found cigarette smoking is down, and seatbelt use is up among students. The survey also shows the majority of students refrain from sexual activity, and those who report they are sexually active are waiting longer before the first sexual intercourse, and are using condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

For the 2011 survey, students in 58 public schools completed a 99-item questionnaire.