SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Neighbors rescue mother, toddler trapped after crash

MILWAUKEE -- A mother and daughter were able to walk away from a horrific crash after they were trapped inside -- thanks to community members on Milwaukee's southside who came to their rescue. FOX6 News spoke with one of those who helped pull the two from their vehicle, who said it is amazing everyone involved survived.

The crash involved three vehicles, and occurred around 11:00 p.m. Saturday, November 10th near 35th and Grant. 

Chico Quinones rushed outside after hearing the collision in front of his home.

"My wife and I were just sitting there watching TV, and all of a sudden, 'kaboom,'" Quinones said.

The impact was so intense, a Ford Explorer ended up on its side -- sandwiched between a Cadillac and another SUV. Quinones said all he heard were cries for help.

Instinctively, Quinones said he ran to help a toddler who was trapped in her car seat.

"She was calling for her mommy and calling for her daddy. The child, to me, had priority, and the baby was dangling down in her car seat. I had to get that baby out of there," Quinones said.

As Quinones rushed to unbuckle the toddler, he said time was of the essence.

"I finally got her little legs out one at a time, and that took about four to five minutes. The smell of gasoline was so strong I was fearing it was going to catch fire," Quinones said.

Thankfully, Quinones was able to free the injured toddler.

"I tried to put my hand on her head to console her and my hand was wet, so I took out a flashlight on my phone to light her up and there was blood. She was cut on the head," Quinones said.

Meanwhile, other neighbors stepped in to help rescue the mother. They were able to pull the unconscious mother from the vehicle.

"We had her here by the grass, and brought her blankets to cover her up. Hopefully she is doing okay. With that type of impact, I know she is feeling it right now," Quinones said.

Quinones said when looking at the aftermath of the crash, it's a miracle no one was seriously injured.

Crash investigators continue to piece this accident together. Meanwhile, Quinones said the intersection is notorious for speeding drivers. Quinones said he plans to contact his alderman to get a traffic light installed.