Successful news conference turnout for Voces De La Frontera

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Voces De La Frontera and its student organization held a news conference here in Milwaukee on Saturday, November 22nd.

The focus was on explaining President Obama's executive order on immigration to the community.

The controversial order is meant to provide a legal path to citizenship for thousands.

Quite a bit of people showed up for the event inside South Division High School.

The Voces executive director says, while the president's order is good progress, there's more work that need to be done with immigration.

"These are people who've been here for more than, most cases, more than ten years. So they are well deserving and it's really long overdue more than anything. The problem is not with the people, it's not with the families, the problem is that we have a broken immigration system," Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Voces De La Frontera Executive.

FOX6 News is told that Voces will hold similar forums in the coming weeks.