Subway riders shove man shouting racial slurs off New York City train

NEW YORK — A man claiming to be a lawyer shouted racial slurs aboard a Brooklyn-bound New York City subway train before angry riders shoved him out of the car and doused him with soup, video shows.

Explicit cellphone video obtained by WPIX shows the Lime-A-Rita drinking rider shouting about his first amendment rights and repeatedly saying the N-word in a sing-songy voice while jumping up and down.

When angry riders shout back at him, he calls them small-minded.

"You can't think," he says. "You made a fool of yourselves."

Finally, a group of riders shove him off the train and onto the Bedford Avenue platform, but he rushes back in, trying to get his bag. He tries more than once to re-enter the train, and each time the passengers push him out. One commuter can be seen throwing soup on him, and another appears to kick him.

"Get your hate speech out of here," one rider shouts in the video.

Warning: This video contains language and images that some may find disturbing