Study shows 'pregnancy brain' forgetfulness likely due to schedule, life changes

MILWAUKEE -- Many expectant mothers say they struggle more to find the right words, or focus on tasks than before they were pregnant -- but is there really such a thing as "pregnancy brain?"

A report published in "Live Science" takes a look at this question.

Researchers say pregnancy causes huge changes in a woman's brain, and they say some of that forgetfulness could be due to drastic schedule and life changes during pregnancy.

Experts say it's normal to have memory lapses when you're busy or short on sleep.

As for the specific, neurological link between pregnancy and memory, Jodi Pawluski, a behavioral neuroscientist, says she hasn't seen any research investigating whether changes in the maternal brain contribute to forgetfulness. However, Pawluski said even if there's not a strong scientific explanation for why your brain feels foggier, it doesn't mean your experience isn't valid or real.