Students honor every day heroes in class

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- As kids, when we think of heroes, we may think of athletes or celebrities in Hollywood.  But at Capitol West Academy in Milwaukee, hundreds of students recognized their own "every day" heroes, and they honored them in a big way!

275 students from K4 to 8th grade presented their heroes with an award and then brought them to class on Friday.

“To really teach kids that you have every day heroes in your life.  There's Lebron James and famous heroes, but there's also people every day that do things for you,” said Capitol West Academy’s Executive Director Donna Niccolai Weber.

2nd grader Ameria Moore chose her grandmother as her hero.

“Because she respects me and she's very nice to me,” she said.

It's a special bond only the two can share.

“It makes me feel good.  I have 5 other grandkids and I’m her hero,” said grandmother Monica Cox.

Another heartfelt hero that day - a baby sister.

“Because when she was born, she made me be a better leader to her,” said 3rd grader Curawn Davis.

Curawn, who is 8, never knew 1-year-old Mariah would be his inspiration.

“There's nothing better than someone older looking out for you.  And I can see that's what he's trying to do and trying to set a good example for, so it's good,” said father Marques Hill.

It was a day filled with heartwarming stories, learning about heroes.  But they also learned to become one themselves.

“We’re making a project, a bag project,” said 4th grader Brandon Bornheimer.

After the presentations, they partnered up and made goody bags and cards.  They will be filled with canned goods to hand to needy families.

“It makes me feel good.  That I'm doing something right with him,” said Aunt Malita Bornheimer.

It’s a small gesture to prove a big point - that these kids, too, can be heroes to someone else.

This is the 3rd year Capitol West Academy students participated in “Heartfelt Heroes” day.