Students hear from star of "Kicking and Screaming" about how he was inspired by Lance Sijan

MILWAUKEE -- Students at Burdick Elementary School in Milwaukee are studying the story of Captain Lance Sijan -- a Vietnam War pilot from Milwaukee whose jet now sits in front of Mitchell Airport. On Tuesday, April 18th, they got a surprise lesson.

The students heard from Ben Domian, a star of FOX's new reality show "Kicking and Screaming." Domian, a member of the Air Force Reserve, talked to the students about real-life heroism, and how Sijan's story inspired him as a kid.

"I read it and it's just always stayed with me, and being third-generation Air Force and knowing the commitment it took for my family and knowing what the ultimate commitment could be for Lance and his family, it just always stuck with me," Domian said.

Domian even wears one of Sijan's original POW bracelets.

A group of Sijan supporters is hosting a "Kicking and Screaming" watch party for Thursday's episode at the Brass Alley in downtown Milwaukee.