Students create mosaic for Sixteenth Street health center

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers Parkway Health Center was the recipient of a student-made mosaic that was unveiled on Wednesday, June 5th.

The five-by-six-food mosaic was created by students of the Kosciusko Montessori School and Arts@Large (a non-profit organization that connects arts to academics through meaningful arts experiences for Milwaukee Public School students).

Approximately 100 students (ages 3-9) visited Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers Parkway Health Center Wednesday for the official presentation.

Inspired by the school’s study of the continents and happiness throughout the world, the piece is made of broken glass, ceramic dishes and tiles. The continents of North America with a deer, Africa with an elephant and Australia with a bird are the key focal points below an outstretched rainbow representing joy.

Once a week, for six weeks, 162 Kosciuszko Montessori School students, ages 3 to 9, pre-kindergarten to grade three, including students in special education classes, worked with artist Leann Wooten to make individual contributions to the piece.

The artwork was donated to Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers as a community service provider on the south side of Milwaukee in recognition of all of the services the Center provides for many of the Kosciuszko children and their families.