Student skips class for World Series, gets best response from professor

CLEVELAND -- An Ohio University student almost found himself in hot water for skipping class Tuesday, until he presented his professor with a pretty "impeccable" excuse.

Twitter user Charles Turner posted the email exchange with his professor, R. Damian Nance.

According the exchange, Nance emailed Charlie pointing out that the attendance tracker indicated he was in class that day. But when Nance took attendance at the end of class, Charlie was not there.

"Can you explain this, or should I take it as deceit, for which I have zero tolerance?" Nance asked.

In a return email, Charlie explained that he did go to class and handed in his homework before leaving for the World Series. He apologized and attached a screen grab of himself at the game.

The professor had a pretty great response - and Charlie won't be facing any repercussions.

“Charlie. That looks like an impeccable excuse. No repercussions. Go Tribe!”