Student pulls out gun, shoots student on first day of school in Baltimore

BALTIMORE -- A teacher and a school police officer helped stop an alleged shooter inside a high school cafeteria in Baltimore. But not before another student was shot.

It was the first day of class at Perry Hall High School.

Police said a 15-year-old student pulled out a gun in the school cafeteria, and shot an older student who is now in serious condition.

"A young man who we've identified as a student at this high school entered the cafeteria, where he removed from concealment a weapon that he had brought into the school building. Immediately, educators, instructors, teachers, responded after seeing this, and as they were responding, he discharged one round, striking another student who was 17 years of age. That individual has been taken to Baltimore Regional Hospital, Shock Trauma. He's being treated at this point in time. As the individual began to pull back from that shooting several inches, an instructor grabbed him, and a second shot was discharged. A school resource officer who was in the hallway outside the cafeteria is responding, as you would imagine, after hearing these rounds fired, and then effected an arrest with the assistance of an educator at the school," Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson said.

While the school was locked down, students locked in classrooms sent text messages to their frantic parents. The school was eventually evacuated.

Police are calling the school officer and the teacher "heroic."