Strong winds affecting travel, business for truck drivers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Strong winds are making travel treacherous for drivers, especially those handling big rigs. The movement a typical motorist feels while driving in windy conditions is only amplified in a semi.

"If you think about a sailboat on Lake Michigan, the truck is about the same mass. So we have a lot of different issues we have to deal with," said trucker Alan Cardella with Con-Way Freight.

Cardella has been in the trucking business for almost 20 years and says he's dealt with all kinds of weather conditions.

"I've been in blizzards, ice storms, I've been in wind storms," Cardella said. "With high winds like this, we really need to know what's going on beside us."

The blowing conditions are affecting operations with drivers being rerouted and loads being distributed differently.

"This weather, it has a lasting impact," said Matt Little, Con-Way Service Center Manager. "It delays us so much. We feel that for several days afterwards."

Con-Way has staff working through the night to make sure drivers get from point A to point B safely.