Strangers send over 100 yard inflatables to kid with rare condition 'obsessed' with them

FRANKFORT, Ill. — A boy's Christmas wish has transformed not only his front yard, but also his entire community.

For the last few years, a familiar, smiling snowman has graced the front yard of 10-year-old Dominic Steinhauser's home. It may look like any other blow-up Frosty, but, to Dominic, it's the best thing in the world.

"Dominic has CHARGE syndrome and a lot of times with this rare condition, kids get very obsessed with things," his mother Deanna Steinhauser told WGN. "Dominic's obsession is these inflatable lawn decorations."

So it came as no surprise to mom when Dominic's Christmas wish was for more inflatables. She said she was "not thinking much about it" when she posted his wish on Facebook.

Within days, dozens of boxes began arriving on their front porch.

"His reaction – jumping and screaming – was worth more than any dollar they could've spent because he would just get so excited," Steinhauser said.

There are now over 100 inflatables packed on their lawn, each one gifted by a complete stranger.

"That just shows you the good in the world," Deanna said. "How someone like him can make a difference for everyone."

Every time a new blow-up arrives, Deanna posts a video of Dominic's elated response on Facebook.