Strangers rally behind exhausted worker who crashed into 3 Ferraris while driving home

Lin Chin-hsiang had a clean driving record, and he hadn't been drinking when he crashed into three Ferraris early Sunday.

So what happened?

The young Taiwanese man finished a night shift at the restaurant where he works and returned home to help his mother with the family's shop. He had worked all night, dozed off at the wheel while making a delivery for the family business, and crashed into a group of four parked Ferraris whose owners were nearby, planning to go on a scenic drive. (Some reports have said all four were damaged.)

Taiwan has been "gripped" by the overworked 20-year-old's predicament, the BBC reports—and donations are pouring in to help him pay the 12 million Taiwan dollars (equivalent to about $390,000) the Ferrari repairs will cost.

At his monthly salary, it would take Lin 28 years to pay off that amount, Sky News reports.

Lin had to drop out of college earlier this year to work and help his mom after the death of his father a few years ago. The family's sheet metal shack serves as both their home and their shop.

When his story made headlines, it highlighted Taiwan's growing wealth gap, and many wanted to help—even others who have similarly low incomes, Lin says.

An official account for donations has been set up locally, and more than 100 have come in so far, totaling about 740,000 Taiwan dollars.

Some are also calling on Taiwanese social media for the Ferrari owners to forgive Lin's debt, but Lin says he is committed to paying it. The Ferrari owners, he adds, have suggested installment payments while they work to see how much their insurance policies will cover.

Taiwan News has information on where to send donations. (Read more uplifting news stories.)

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