Storm cleanup underway in Racine neighborhood; 'I got four holes in my roof'

RACINE -- Severe weather swept through portions of Racine Tuesday evening, July 2 -- leaving behind major damage and power outages. Now, the cleanup is fully underway.

Chainsaws roared on Wednesday as crews cleaned up what is left behind from a powerful storm. The whipping winds downed a tree in Floyd Eck's front yard on N. Main in Racine. Eck was away when the tree came crashing down.

"When we got home, you could not see the driveway. It was total green," Eck said.

Now Eck is seeing things from a higher perspective, making repairs to his damaged home.

"I was just up there checking. I got four holes in my roof," Eck said.

The storm hit Tuesday evening carrying with it winds topping 50 miles per hour -- which led to trees being uprooted.

"It was crazy rain. But we didn't hear any of the trees go down," said Majorie Eckblad.

It took a log loader to lift stumps from Eckblad's property. Workers pushed the wood through a chipper.

"They're just working their way up our yard -- so that's really good," Eckblad said.

Once the storm passed, neighbors came together.

"We all checked on each other, everybody was safe," Eckblad said. "A couple houses down had a car smashed."

Utility crews spent much of Wednesday restoring power to customers knocked offline.

"It's crazy to come home this morning and see it happening in our own backyard," said Mark Blauert.

In the wake of the storm, this neighborhood was witness to destruction and gratitude.

"God is good that nobody got hurt," Eck said.

There were no injuries reported as a result of Tuesday's storms.