STICKER SHOCK! Man orders bottle of wine for "thirty-seven fifty," charged $3,750!

NEW JERSEY (WITI) -- It's a cautionary tale: Make sure you know what you're ordering! Joe Lentini, after a business dinner at Bobby Flay Steak at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City experienced a bit of sticker shock!

Lentini told he and others in his party of ten decided to order a bottle of wine -- with the host of the dinner telling Lentini to select a bottle.

"I asked the waitress if she could recommend something decent because I don't have experience with wine. She pointed to a bottle on the menu. I didn't have my glasses. I asked how much and she said, 'thirty-seven fifty,'" Lentini told

The bottle of wine was ordered.

When dinner was over, the host got the check.

"We were shocked. We couldn't believe it," Lentini told

The total bill was over $4,000 -- with that bottle of wine costing 'thirty-seven fifty.' That is -- $3,750!

"I thought the wine was $37.50," Lentini told

Lentini disputed the bill -- saying "the waitress told me it was thirty-seven fifty -- not three-thousand, seven-hundred and fifty dollars." reports the restaurant's manager offered to lower the price on the bottle of wine -- but no lower than $2,200.

Lentini and two other diners split that bill to get it paid.

The restaurant tells it has conducted a thorough investigation, and says proper practices were followed. In fact, reports the dinner's host double checked the price of the bottle of wine before the dinner was completed, and before the check was presented. He told the bottle was already opened and possibly empty by the time he asked about the price, so he saw no reason to say anything to management.

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