"Stepping into the world of dinosaurs:" Sneak peek of "Walking with Dinosaurs" arena spectacular!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's a $20 million production, and it has southeastern Wisconsin ready to roar! More than a dozen dinosaurs are ready to invade Milwaukee in "Walking with Dinosaurs" -- and FOX6 News got a behind-the-scenes look.

"These rigs are very unique. There's nothing like this," Ben Frost, a Walking with Dinosaurs "voodoo puppeteer said.

On Wednesday, October 15th, as Milwaukee's BMO Harris Bradley Center welcomes the Walking with Dinosaurs arena spectacular for a five-day run, FOX6 News got a look at how some of the magic is made.

"I'm currently checking the allosauras--all the movements that it has, all the active points," Frost said.

The $20 million production features 20 dinosaurs, representing 10 species. Each dinosaur is controlled by a crew of three characters, known as "voodoo puppeteers."

"What I'm doing is using this voodoo rig -- which is how we mainly puppeteer the dinosaurs and if you can imagine that this is sort of a small version of the dinosaur," Frost said.

Stephen Cooper is the show's head of creatures. He says this particular production provides a different picture of dinosaurs based on recent scientific discoveries.

"It's almost like stepping into the world of the dinosaurs. We've discovered that some of the two-legged dinosaurs had feathers, so we've gone back, taken them back to the workshop, given them a makeover, given them feathers, so we really wanna keep the show current and correct with modern science," Cooper said.

Meanwhile, Cooper suggests the show should attract all ages.

"If you're thinking about coming to see the show--even if you don't have kids, or whatever--come and see it, because everybody loves it," Cooper said.

The Walking with Dinosaurs arena spectacular begins Wednesday at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Seven performances are scheduled during the show's five-day run.

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