Staying cool in the heat as Milwaukee Co. warns beachgoers of poor water quality

MILWAUKEE -- There are signs like this saying "swimming in this water could make you sick" but some people say they walked right past it and didn't know about the water issues.

From the busy splash pad at Gordon Park to the one at Washington Park:

"I like this one because it has more than one water thing to go through."

Across Milwaukee, families are finding ways to escape the heat.

On the lakefront: "We just wanted another day at the beach. Some normalcy and sunshine," Lori Marx said.

Bradford Beach has had hundreds of visitors throughout the day, but there's something health officials are monitoring here.

"I was just wondering about the contamination levels in the water and how dangerous it can be," James Fleming said.

Unhealthy water quality conditions here and at several other area beaches.

Lori Marx

The news surprised Lori Marx.

"We're just up to our feet. Good to know," Marx said.

County Executive David Crowley addressed the water situation Thursday:

County Executive David Crowley

"The Bradford Beach water closure is a result of poor water quality," Crowley said. "Yesterday we received a lot of different types of rain. After testing the water, we have basically given an advisory saying do not swim in our beaches due to the poor water quality."

Late Friday, the County Parks Department said the health department has updated the beach advisory to 'caution.' Visitors can use the beach but it's not advised to go in the water.

James Fleming

"Nope. That doesn't scare us with what we've been through," Ryan Gaydos said.

"I don't know if I'll personally get in the water or my nephew, but my girlfriend might," Fleming said.

The parks department says you can always check their website for up to date information.

In Shorewood, Doctors Park beach and Atwater beach are closed until further notice due to the unhealthy water conditions.

Officials are asking people to avoid the beach area and do not swim.