State's largest shelter preps Thanksgiving dinner

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission is the state's largest shelter, and Wednesday, they were busy, putting in hours of preparation for Thursday's Thanksgiving meal, which will likely be served to a full dining room.

Jeff Kroupa is the chef at the Mission, and says they're ready. "We're getting some of the turkeys sliced ahead of time, and we've got 46 apple pies, and 86 pounds of cranberries that we've made ourselves. We're going to serve all of our family and guests family style," Kroupa said.

The Mission's executive director says the need is great, and they're expecting 400 to 500 guests to fill the dining room for Thanksgiving dinner. Over 90 volunteers will staff the shelter Thursday, including Tracy McBeth.

"It really makes me feel good to do something like this. They make us appreciate what we have, and I feel it's my responsibility. It's not just a blessing that we can help them. It's them helping us," McBeth said.